CPRASI: A New Conceptual Marketing Approach, Designed For 2.0 Business Enviroments.

por Andrés Silva Arancibia


CPRASI is a new conceptual marketing approach, designed for 2.0 business enviroments. How can I create web content with a high power to attract followers? CPRASI attempts to answer this important question.

CPRASI = Content (Pertinent + Relevant + Attractive + Singular + Interactive)

CPRASI Approach

Where the value of content is determined by:

Pertinent indicates the degree of opportunity in the content posted by you. Its relationship with the interests of the audience and the level of convenience for the reader of the contributed content.

Relevance means the good and excellent content posted. How significant and excellent is the content to the audience.

Attractive responds to how captivating, enticing, disturbing, evocative and striking is the content posted. It means the degree of attraction that expresses the content in the audience.

Singular notes how peculiar and original is the content posted. It indicates the degree of differentiation of content.

Interaction refers to the collaboration of the audience in the creation of content. Each auditor can be a protagonist of the content and feel valued for their opinions and contributions. This generates a sense of community and belonging to it.

CPRASI Applies www.ingelab.cl

CPRASI by Andres Silva Arancibia 2010

CPRASI Blog http://innovamarketingchile.wordpress.com/ June 10, 2010

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